2018 Online Authorities Registration     


During the 1995 legislative session, the General Assembly passed the Local Government Authorities Registration Act (O.G.G.A. 36-80-16). This act requires local government authorities to register annually with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). The act also specifies that local government authorities that are not duly registered by January 1 are prohibited from incurring any debt or credit obligations.

If your authority has registered for previous years the online registration form should be pre-populated with the information from your most current registration on file. Simply review this information, update it for any changes in board members, contact information, etcetera, complete a very short certification section and any other required blank fields.* Note that prior to submitting your registration, you can save your work and return to it later, and after submitting you will still be able to view, print, or update your registration information at any time during the year.

If your authority is currently INACTIVE, it is still required to register annually. Indicate the inactive status by clicking the box on the form where it says “Check here if there is no functioning board.”, and do not list any board members. Should the authority reactivate, you must return to the registration form and uncheck the ‘no board’ box and enter the current board member names before incurring any debt.

NOTE: State law requires certain board members of authorities created for the purpose of promoting the development of trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities to complete at least eight hours of training within the first 12 months of their appointments to such authorities. After completing the registration, these authorities will be asked to complete a Board Member Training Status section as part of their registration.

If your authority is registering for the first time, and has not yet been assigned a user identification number and password, please select the “New authorities” option below. Once your first-time registration has been reviewed by DCA, we will provide a permanent user identification number and password to your authority’s Director or Chairperson.

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