Georgia Association wins National Award for Creation of State Geospatial Information Office

Atlanta, GA (January 12, 2017) – The Georgia Association of Regional Commissions (GARC) has received a National Excellence Award from the National States Geospatial Information Council (NSGIC) for their Outstanding Efforts to create a Geospatial Information Office for Georgia.  The Georgia Geospatial Information Office ( is housed at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).  The award was presented to James Dove, President of GARC; Allen Burns, Vice President of GARC; Brent Lanford, Deputy Director of MGRC; and Hunter Key, GIS Manager for CRC.


NSGIC promotes geospatial coordination activities in all states and acts as an advocate for states on national geospatial policy and initiatives, in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The organization is committed to efficient and effective government through the prudent adoption of geospatial information technologies. While providing a unified voice on geographic information and technology issues, advocating and supporting State interests.


NSGIC is particularly focused on the creation of intelligent maps and databases that enable public and private decision makers to make informed and timely decisions in a wide array of governmental areas. Geospatial technology can affect diverse fields including: Homeland Security; Emergency Response and Management; Economic Development; Environmental Protection and Management; Education; Transportation Planning; and Natural Resource Management.


GIS and geospatial data have become primary tools in government and the private sector because they provide visual, integrated, intelligent, analytical, and cost-effective solutions in support of a wide range of disciplines. In addition, GIS can reduce or eliminate redundant work within and between units of government, providing operational efficiencies and economies of scale in data collection, information handling and distribution. 





About the Geospatial Information Office

The Georgia Geospatial Information Office (GIO) was established in 2015 through an innovative initiative by the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions in conjunction with a variety of statewide partners.  The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) provides office space and administrative support for the GIO.  The mission of the GIO is to coordinate and partner with local governments, State and Federal agencies to ensure the quality and availability of geospatial data to support statewide initiatives in community and economic development, transportation planning, emergency preparedness and environmental protection.


About the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) partners with communities to create a climate of success for Georgia’s families and businesses through community and economic development, local government assistance, and safe and affordable housing. Using state and federal resources, DCA helps communities spur private job creation, implement planning, develop downtowns, generate affordable housing solutions, and promote volunteerism. DCA also helps qualified low- and moderate-income Georgians buy homes, rent housing, and prevent foreclosure and homelessness. For more information, visit



Susan Miller, State Geospatial Information Officer

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