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If an area meets the criteria for an Opportunity Zone designation and the community files the necessary detail to support the designation request with DCA, then the area is designated as an Opportunity Zone. The designated areas do not include an entire jurisdiction, but rather the area or areas within the jurisdiction that meet the criteria for such designation. The map detail below will assist in locating the boundaries specific to the designated Opportunity Zones. If additional assistance is needed, there is a local contact within each designated area to assist in determining if a location is within the boundaries of the designated Opportunity Zone. The listing of local contacts is included below.

The listing of current Opportunity Zone designations below includes the designation period applicable to each designation. The designation period is applicable to the first tax year that begins on or after January 1st of the initial year and ends in the tax year that begins on or after January 1st of the last year. For example, a designation period of 2011 through 2021 would be applicable to eligible net new jobs created during the period which starts with the 2011 tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2011 and which ends with the 2021 tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2021. Eligible net new jobs for the Job Tax Credit Program could be created during this designation period.

Current Opportunity Zone Designations (PDF)
Local Contacts for Designated Opportunity Zones (PDF)
Interactive Map of Potential Opportunity Zone areas for 2016,including designated LDCT and Military Zones for 2016.
Click on the layers for the LDCT and Military Zones to have these layers shown on the map.

Interactive Map for Opportunity Zones designated 2012 and prior
The detail in the interactive map for 2012 and prior should be used to determine the correct Census Block Group number for all Opportunity Zones designated in 2012 and prior.

To access additional detail on Opportunity Zones, including shapefiles and KML maps for DCA-approved Opportunity Zones, as well as poverty data for census block groups throughout the state, click here and scroll down to the Opportunity Zone Program Maps detail.

Maps for specific designations:

Acworth OZ Map (PDF)

Adairsville OZ Map (PDF)

Albany OZ Map (PDF)

Alpharetta OZ Map (PDF)

Athens-Clarke County OZ Map (PDF)

Athens-Clarke County OZ Extension Map (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Auburn Avenue (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - City Hall East (PDF)

Atlanta - Cleveland Avenue/Metropolitan Parkway, et al (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Downtown (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Fort McPherson (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Industrial Park 1, 2 and 3 (PDF)

Atlanta OZ map - Lakewood/Crossroads Center (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Midtown (PDF)

Atlanta OZ map Morris Brown (PDF)

Atlanta OZ map Murphy Crossing (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - North Avenue (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - Southside Industrial (PDF)

Atlanta OZ Map - White-Lee Streets (PDF)

Auburn OZ Map (PDF)

Augusta-Richmond County - Harrisburg-West End OZ Map (PDF)

Augusta-Richmond County - Laney Walker OZ Map (PDF)

Avondale Estates OZ Map (PDF)

Baldwin OZ Map (PDF)
Banks County OZ Map (PDF)

Camilla OZ Map (PDF)
Canton OZ Map (PDF)

Cartersville - Northwest OZ Map (PDF)

Cartersville - South OZ Map (PDF)

Cedartown - Gibson St OZ Map (PDF)

Cedartown - Main Street OZ Map (PDF)

Cedartown - West Ave OZ Map (PDF)

Cedartown - Wissahickon OZ Map (PDF)
Cherokee County OZ Map Zone 1 (PDF)

Cherokee County OZ Map Zone 2 (PDF)

Cherokee County OZ Map - Technology Ridge (PDF)

Clarkesville OZ Map (PDF)

Clayton County - Mountain View OZ Map (PDF)

Cobb County - Atlanta Road OZ Map (PDF)

Cobb County - Six Flags OZ Map (PDF)

Cobb County - Veterans Parkway OZ Map (PDF)

College Park OZ Map (PDF)

Columbia County OZ Map (PDF)

Columbus-Muscogee County OZ Map (PDF)

Commerce OZ Map (PDF)

Conyers OZ Map (PDF)
Conyers Extension (PDF)
Cornelia OZ Map (PDF)
Covington OZ Map (PDF)
Cuthbert OZ Map (PDF)
Dallas OZ - See Paulding County / Dallas OZ Map
Darien OZ Map (PDF)
Doraville OZ Map (PDF)
Douglas County - Bankhead Hwy OZ Map (PDF)
Douglas County - Thornton Rd OZ Map (PDF)
Douglasville OZ Map (PDF)
Duluth OZ Map (PDF)
East Point OZ Map (PDF)

Eatonton OZ Map (PDF)

Elberton OZ Map (PDF)

Forest Park OZ Map (PDF)

Forsyth OZ Amendment Map (PDF)

Forsyth OZ Map (PDF)

Forsyth County OZ Map (PDF)

Fort Valley OZ Map (PDF)

Fulton County - Fulton Industrial OZ Map (PDF)

Gainesville OZ Map (PDF)

Gainesville/Hall County OZ Map (PDF)

Gordon OZ Map (PDF)

Grady County OZ Map (PDF)

Gray OZ Map (PDF)

Greensboro OZ Map (PDF)

Griffin OZ Map (PDF)

Griffin - Southwest OZ Map (PDF)

Gwinnett County OZ Map (PDF)

Gwinnett Place OZ Map (PDF)

Hapeville OZ Map (PDF)

Hawkinsville and Pulaski County OZ Map (PDF)

Jefferson OZ Map (PDF)
Kingsland OZ Map (PDF)
LaFayette OZ Map (PDF)
LaGrange OZ Map (PDF)
Lake City OZ Map (PDF)
Liberty County OZ Map (PDF)
Macon OZ Map - East (PDF)
Macon OZ Map - West (PDF)
Macon OZ Map - Town & Country (PDF)
Madison OZ Map (PDF)
Marietta OZ Map - Zone 1 (PDF)
Marietta OZ Map - Zone 1 Amended (PDF)
Marietta OZ Map - Zone 2 (PDF)
Marietta OZ Map - Zone 3 (PDF)
Milledgeville OZ Map - Original (2007) (PDF)
Milledgeville OZ Map - 2009 (expanded) (PDF)
Monroe OZ Map (PDF)
Norcross OZ Map (PDF)
Paulding County / Dallas OZ Map (PDF)

Payne City OZ Map (PDF)

Perry OZ Map (PDF )

Pickens County OZ Map (PDF )
Porterdale OZ Map (PDF)
Quitman OZ Map (PDF)
Quitman OZ Map Amended (PDF)
Rabun County OZ Map (PDF)
Rockdale County OZ Map (PDF)
Rome OZ Map (PDF)
Roswell OZ Map (PDF)
Royston OZ Map (PDF)
Sandy Springs OZ Map (PDF)
Savannah OZ Map (PDF)
Smyrna OZ Map (PDF)
Social Circle OZ Map (PDF)
Stephens County OZ Map (PDF)
Stephens County - 6701 Jordan Road OZ Map (PDF)
Tallapoosa OZ Map (PDF)
Tennille OZ Map (PDF)
Thomasville OZ Map (PDF)
Tifton OZ Map - 2011 (PDF)
Union City OZ Map(PDF)
Union County - Gainesville Hwy OZ Map (PDF)
Union County - Hwy 515 OZ Map (PDF)
Union County - Murphy Hwy OZ Map (PDF)
Union Point OZ Map (PDF)
Valdosta OZ Map (PDF)
Valdosta OZ Map - Clay Rd/E. Savannah Ave and Madison Hwy/Tucker Rd (PDF)
Walton County OZ Map (PDF)
Washington OZ Map (PDF)
West Point OZ Map (PDF)
Whitfield County OZ Map (PDF)
Winder OZ Map (PDF)