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Single Family Mortgage Loan Servicing Guide

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The purpose of this Servicing Guide is to provide DCA approved Servicers with the information they need to carry out their responsibilities under the Servicing Agreement, which incorporates the Servicing Guide by reference. These responsibilities include ensuring compliance with the requirements in this Guide, ensuring that mortgages are serviced in accordance with sound mortgage banking and accounting principles, and protecting DCA GHFA against fraud, misrepresentation, or negligence by any parties involved in the servicing process.

These documents require a password. If you are a participating Servicer and do not have the password or if you have any questions about the Servicing Guide, please e-mail Nathan Christiansen or at 404-679-3126.

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Servicing Guide (complete with updates) (PDF)

Contact Information

Nathan Christiansen at 404-679-3126.

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