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Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH)

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Program Description

Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) is a means to provide housing to convicted felons who remain in prison after the Parole Board has authorized their release due solely to having no residential options. The RPH program also provides housing assistance to parolees and probationers who are homeless upon their release from prison. Note that individuals seeking housing assistance are not eligible to apply through this program.  Re-entry housing partners must provide (directly or through written agreement with third parties) released offenders stable housing and food (room and board).  The goal of the RPH program is to provide short term financial assistance to help stabilize an individual’s re-entry process to enhance his or her ability to remain crime free.

Participating housing providers (“Grantees”) will be compensated at a rate of $600 per month for a term not to exceed three (3) months, a total of $1,800.  In return the housing provider shall provide room and board without charge to the parolee for this period. 

Grantees will be certified at the discretion of the RPH staff of the Department of Community Supervision. While representatives of the RPH Program routinely inspect or visit the housing units approved for inmate placement, it is strictly for placement of offenders in the RPH program and not to endorse or reject any facility for any other purpose.

All eligible participating offenders will have a current parole review summary prior to release and will be under the supervision of a Community Supervision Officer who will work with the grantee to assist with the offender's successful reentry to the community and to ensure that the offender complies with their conditions of parole or probation. Approved participating offenders have also had appropriate programs available to them during their incarceration period.  

This program involves a unique collaboration by several different agencies.  First, funding for this program is made available to the Department of Community Supervision (lead agency) through the Georgia Department of Corrections State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP).  The State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless (HTF) is the administrative agent for this program. The HTF is administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

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Contact Information

For additional information, please contact:

Erin Anderson

Housing Coordinator

Department of Community Supervision

Phone (770) 639-8517


Carlia Ray

Housing Coordinator

Department of Community Supervision

Phone (470) 553-3516